Module Listing

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  • Activities: The Activities module allows users to create community activities, set up limited registrations with waiting lists, and more.
  • Agenda Center: The Agenda Center offers an uncomplicated way to create and display agendas for various civic organizations.
  • Alert Center: The Alert Center graphically shows when there is an emergency / important notification in the area.
  • Archive Center: The Archive Center is an archive that stores newsletters, public service announcements, reports, and many other documents.
  • Bid Postings: The Bid Postings module lists bids by category (ex. Construction Services) but can be sorted by category, bid title or by closing date.
  • Blog: The Blog module lists blogs by category so different subjects can be covered in the same module.
  • Calendar: In the Calendar module clients can choose to have as many calendars as they need.
  • Carbon Calculator: The Carbon Calculator is a front-end module that will give you a summary of your carbon emissions.
  • Community Connection: The Community Connection module allows the public to connect with each other.
  • Community Voice: The Community Voice module allows an open forum and dialog between clients and their citizens.