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Getting Familiar With Your Sandbox

Pages Live Edit - Creating & Managing Pages

CivicPlus’ Pages Live Edit allows for users to create pages, looking at the website from the front end. All your page content and layout editing can be created and managed once you select the Live Edit option to enabled it on the website.

Live Edit incorporates drag and drop widgets that houses different information from images, slideshows, content, and module information. This functionality makes it easy for anyone without HTML knowledge to update and personalize pages without the HTML coding knowledge.


All modules are managed from the back-end of the GCMS™. To access different modules, simply select the Modules option located at the top of the user navigation. The dropdown will show all features and functionality available in our Premium package of the system.

Modules work as applications within the GCMS™ to help house and pull information from the back end to the front of your website. Multiple modules tie into the notification system to help distribute notifications to subscribed website visitors. Each module can be utilized internally for staff view only and/or external views for citizens.

Site Tools

Within the Modules dropdown options, Site Tools allows access for System Administrators to manage, add, delete and modify users, groups and permission levels.